[Update] Producer of JTBC’s ‘Hitmaker’ addresses rumor of cast’s connection to Jung Joon Young group chats by saying the staff don’t know anything

After it was recently revealed by MBC that there were actually 14 participants in the Jung Joon Young/Seungri group chats, speculation fell on who the two singers and one model that were confirmed may have been. Well, the rumors quickly made their way to a show called ‘Hitmaker’ that Jung Joon Young was on back in 2016, with people saying that the cast was in the group chat due to the letters used matching. The producer of that show ended up having to address it by saying that he doesn’t know about the cast but he and the staff weren’t involved.

“Hitmaker” PD Park Han Soon drew the line between the show and the reports by saying that the production team cannot know the private lives of the cast. PD Park Han Soon said, “We usually create a group chatroom when we begin to film a program. However, it’s only used to post notices such as ‘The script is out,’ ‘You need to come by this time,’ and ‘We will begin filming at this hour.’” He continued, “We are not able to check if a separate KakaoTalk group chatroom with only the cast members exist.”
When asked about the atmosphere of filming at the time, the director said, “Because they are young and of similar age, the atmosphere couldn’t be bad. The cast seemed to have become closer with each other since we had to film abroad.”

So basically he doesn’t know what the fuck the cast was doing in their spare time, but he does know that whatever the shit people are talking about sure as hell didn’t involve the group chat him or the staff were in.

When it was brought up that ‘Hitmaker’ was being filmed around the time Jung Joon Young talked with CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun about prostitutes in Berlin, he again said he can’t know what the cast are up to at all times.

Regarding the suspicions, PD Park Han Soon said, “Aside from when we are filming, the production team and the cast spent time separately. [The messages are] something that [the production team] is unable to know.” He added, “[The production team] stayed at a cheaper place, and the cast stayed at a place like a guest house because we had to film them while at their lodgings.”

Singer K, singer J, and model L were named in the recent reports, though this seems like a good time to remind you that the association to the ‘Hitmaker’ cast is just rumors right now.

Should be interesting to see whether we get statements in response to all this sooner than later considering any even tangential association with this mess has been toxic.


JTBC themselves have commented on the matter, basically saying they didn’t even produce the show, really.

A source from JTBC said, “‘Hitmaker’ was created by an outsourced production company, and JTBC did not participate in production at all. JTBC only added it to the program schedule and aired it.” The source continued, “Because the program aired three years ago, everyone who was in charge of it at the time has transferred to different companies. It will also be difficult to find related documents about the outsourced production company and their production team.”

They want absolutely nothing to do with this.


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