2 movie actors & a model reportedly involved in a molka group chat similar to Jung Joon Young’s

There are those who want to view Jung Joon Young’s group chats as an isolated incident, but a recent report by SBS 8 O’Clock News revealed it’s anything but as two actors and a model were a part of molka group chat that was separate from Jung Joon Young’s.

On April 4, SBS reported that an anonymous victim, “A,” had come forward with information about another group chatroom in which illegally filmed footage of sexual activity had been shared. “A” claimed that she had accidentally stumbled upon both the illegal footage and the chatroom while she was dating a businessman named Kim in 2016. According to “A,” during her relationship with Kim, she discovered a sex tape that he had filmed of her without her knowledge or consent on his external hard drive. “A” also reportedly found more than 100 similar videos on the same hard drive, with most of the women in the videos appearing too inebriated to be aware of their surroundings or the fact that they were being filmed. “A” alleged that she also discovered proof of two different group chatrooms in which Kim shared such illegally filmed footage of sexual activity. According to the report, one group chatroom included two movie actors named only by their surnames Shin and Han, as well as a model named Jung. The other group chatroom is said to include an MD (a “merchandiser” or club promoter) who worked at Club Arena.

The alleged ties to the club Arena is relevant as it sorta brings this all together.

The two actors involved have admitted to being a part of the group chat, but denied sharing or filming footage, which again is a legal protection more than a moral one.

According to SBS, the two actors initially denied any knowledge of such a chatroom, with both Shin and Han claiming that they had never even been in a group chatroom. However, after hearing the names of the others who were alleged to be in the group chatroom in question, they reportedly revised their statements, saying that although it was true that they had been in the chatroom, they had never filmed or shared any illegal footage.

Not to separate the molka crimes by importance, but it always seemed telling to me that police never really appeared all that concerned with the fact that some of these sexual videos were not only filmed without the victim’s consent, but they’re also frequently reported as drugged or inebriated. I know we’ve already went over how consent laws in Korea are rather fucked during previous sexual assault/rape cases, but you’d think since they have them on video they’d at least pursue that.


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