Eddy Kim booked for role in molka group chat, Jung Joon Young reportedly shared photos with ‘Hitmaker’ cast, Seungri questioned over destroying evidence

Following news of Eddy Kim’s involvement in the molka group chat and his own admission of such, he has now been booked on charges of distributing illegal footage.

On April 5, a police source revealed that Eddy Kim has been booked for charges of spreading illegally taken footage. This means that his status has been changed from a witness to that of a suspect. This news comes after it was revealed that he had been questioned by the police about the group chatroom as a witness. While the questioning occurred on March 31, his agency confirmed this news on April 4. In their statement, his agency denied that Eddy Kim filmed and spread any illegal footage. However, the agency admitted that Eddy Kim was questioned due to him posting a sexual photo in the chatroom.

Meanwhile, questions over the involvement of the ‘Hitmaker’ cast may have been partially answered. We already know that Kangin, Jung Jinwoon, and Lee Chul Woo will not face further police investigation or charges due to them not spreading or filming molka, but people have wanted to know the extent of their involvement. A recent report by SBS Morning Wide says Jung Joon Young did share inappropriate photos of a flight attendant with the chat and they followed with convos that were sexual in nature.

According to SBS Morning Wide, police confirmed that Jung Joon Young distributed photos of the body of a flight attendant to two group chats back in 2016. Among the people in the chat were Kangin, Jung Jinwoon, and model Lee Chul Woo, who all starred in ‘Hitmaker’ during the same year. The report says that the group chat members responded to the photos by laughing about them, that no one tried to stop it, and they went back and forth with a lot of sexual harassing conversations.

For now it doesn’t appear the ‘Hitmaker’ cast were in the worse (?) molka group chat, though this calls into question the claims that the show’s group chat (at least for the cast) was completely clean. The extent to which one wants to blame those involved for their morality (or lack thereof) in this is up to the individual, but it’s certainly not a report that’s gonna help their image.

And because there can’t be a few days that go by without wondering about people involved in this scandal destroying evidence, Seungri has been called in for questioning due to reports and testimony that he told group chat members to get new phones.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s provincial special detective division summoned Seungri for questioning on the morning of April 4. The police stated that after messages from a group chat were revealed on February 26, Seungri told the members of the chatroom to get new phones. Destruction of evidence was first suspected last month when the police collected the cell phones of the chatroom members and most of them, including Seungri, Choi Jong Hoon, and Jung Joon Young, submitted new phones. There was only one chatroom member who did not submit a new phone. When Choi Jong Hoon was asked why he suddenly changed his phone, he responded, “Seungri told me to change my cell phone.” Jung Joon Young and other individuals also shared the same reason. From what was gathered by the police from the questioning of the chatroom members, Seungri contacted them and said, “I don’t remember at all what I said in 2015. Do you still have old cell phones or records?” When they all responded that they do not have the KakaoTalk records as they are from over three years ago, Seungri commented, “A mandatory investigation could happen, so change the cell phone you are currently using.” According to legal expert Joo Young Geul, it may be difficult for Seungri to receive punishment for the destruction of evidence if it is found that the chatroom members got rid of their phones to protect themselves rather than to cover up Seungri’s charges.

Okay, so it’s not just the media in this case, the rest of the group chat are the ones testifying that Seungri was the one who told them to change their phones. The legal expert says it’s gonna be hard to charge him unless they can prove the intent was to help him cover for his own crimes, but Seungri continues to look worse and worse.


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