SXSW 2019: iKON headline KOCCA’s Korea Spotlight with their first US stage appearance

iKON took the opportunity of their first US performance as a way to let everyone know exactly what they’re all about.

All it took was the guys stepping out on stage and the entire Austin City Limits audience went sheer bananas! They were already hyped up from a night of amazing performances and were still riding high from Chungha, but for the crowd nothing compared to the chance to see iKON prove that they really are showmen in their own unique way.

Often times with major K-pop groups, everything can be so choreographed, rehearsed, prepared, and presented in an automated way, stripping much of the humanity and all of its quirks from the performance. iKON wasn’t here for that. Of course they performed their choreography, but they also laughed and joked with and at each other on stage, interacted with fans, hyped the crowd, and performed party hit after hit from their early classics to their newer chart toppers.

It wasn’t just a few songs here and there accompanying “Love Scenario“, but a mix of their favorite party bangers from “Bling Bling” to hardcore tracks like “Killing Me“, “Rhythm Ta“, “My Type“, and “Freedom“.

And it wasn’t just Bobby on the mic speaking English. Every member got involved, talking to the audience and telling the crowd how happy they were to finally be in the US and to see their stateside fans. They smiled warmly at the sea of blood orange Konbats and laughed at the giant cardboard cutouts of their faces floating in the crowd.

The crowd itself was a mix of iKONICS filling every demographic you can think of, from the very young to the seasoned fan. I was surprised to see such a mixed crowd as groups of both fangirls, fanboys, and fanbeings mingled together, danced together, and partied hard while iKON danced, sang, and rapped to their infectious beats on stage.

While everyone feels bombarded this concert season with a huge lineup of artists performing in major cities across the US, Canada, and Latin America, I walked out of the ACL absolutely ravenous for a full iKON world tour. It’s time, YG Entertainment, it’s time.

After seeing them live for this short set, I can’t imagine what kind of wild party a full two hours with iKON would be, but I sure as hell want to find out!

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