SXSW 2019: Chungha steals the show at KOCCA’s Korea Spotlight

Chungha has proven to be one of the rare women in K-pop who absolutely own being a soloist. Not only are her singing skills strong enough to garner attention and fans, but her dancing is some of the best I’ve seen in years. She is the complete package and she succeeds without the assistance of a full girl group or even a partner.

All of this alone is impressive but seeing her live sets her up on a whole new level. Texas is her home state and she was very excited to be back! She greeted fans like they were long-time friends, acknowledging fans in the balcony, who were absolutely nailing her choreography and even calling one fan in the crowd her hometown friend when she found out they were from the same town.

She was so excited to be back and it was obvious by her wide smiles and joyous laughter as she talked to fans in the audience. In between being incredibly thankful and humble for all of the support she received, she also practically burned the stage.

Chungha flew through a set list of her own hits such as “Do It“, “Rollercoaster“, “Love U“, and “Gotta Go“, as well as a dance choreo cover of Ariana Grande‘s own “Seven Rings” (which was absolute fire), and even closed her set with a live mic cover of the Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana hit “Bang Bang“, which included Chungha rapping!

In addition to her performances, her ability to interact with fans in the crowd and her general enthusiasm for being back home made the experience stand out from the rest.

At this point, with everything Chungha has shown to the world, I don’t know how anyone can skip the stan train on this one.

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