Ma Dong Seok (charming big-ass dude from ‘Train To Busan’) reportedly joins Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’

Actor Ma Dong Seok will reportedly make his American film debut after being cast in Marvel Studios‘ ‘The Eternals‘, though there haven’t been any details about his role yet.

Created by comic legend Jack Kirby in 1976, the Eternals are a race of ancient human beings created a million years ago by the cosmic entities known as the Celestials. According to ComicVine, the Celestials accelerated the evolution of a handful of subjects and gave them the genetic potential to mentally manipulate limited quantities of cosmic energy, as well as other superhuman traits. The story will focus on the female Eternal known as Sersi, (no, not the character on “Game of Thrones”), several insiders have told TheWrap. Angelina Jolie is currently in talks for the role“Big Sick” star Kumail Nanjiani is also in talks to join the film. “We have started working on what are the films post-phase 3,” Feige previously told TheWrap, referencing the forthcoming fourth part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s slate of movies after the wind-down of franchises based on the original Avengers. Marvel had no comment.

I actually don’t know a lot about this or what fans think about it, but it seems like a big deal just by the fact that it’s a Marvel film. Anyway, he rules.

Also, he’s apparently still dating Ye Jung Hwa, which is an accomplishment of sorts, to me at least.


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