Yoochun reportedly tests positive for meth, seemingly making that press conference an incredible self-own

I gotta be honest, despite everything appearing rather fishy with the whole ‘Hwang Hana made me buy drugs and then pick them up’ stuff, plus the whole waxing routine and all that, I did kinda figure that Yoochun would at least test negative for drugs because if he wasn’t extremely confident he would pass that somehow why the hell else would he call that press conference asking to be investigated?

My error, of course, was apparently assuming people on meth and who have been showered with fame all their life would do something rational, as Yoochun has now reportedly tested positive for the drug.

A drug test on Park Yoochun by the National Forensic Service has detected Philopon (a form of methamphetamine). Previously on April 16, the police collected hair while conducting a search and seizure investigation on Park Yoochun, which included his own person, his residence in Hanam, and his vehicle. The hair was sent to the National Forensic Service for testing. At the time, a simple test on his urine came out negative. According to the prosecution and investigation officials on April 23, the Narcotics Investigation Unit of the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency received the drug test results from the National Forensic Service on April 19. As Park Yoochun’s hair was mostly removed, the police requested a test on hair from his head and leg hair. Philopon was detected in his leg hair.

All that dog and pony show shit and it turns out he was using meth? Seriously? Jesus, what a mess.


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