[Update] Yoochun’s side admits positive drug test, still claims he didn’t do drugs + 2 officers booked over Hwang Hana’s 2015 case

Following news that Yoochun had tested positive for meth in relation to his recent connection to drugs and Hwang Hana‘s case, his lawyer has taken an interesting angle on it all, saying that he acknowledges the legitimacy of the test but that he did not use drugs.

Park Yoochun’s lawyer Kwon Chang Bum has released his first statement since Park Yoochun’s drug test came out positive on April 19. On April 25, the lawyer stated, “The results of the National Forensic Service cannot be denied. However, [Park Yoochun’s] stance that he did not do drugs remains unchanged. There isn’t much time left until the questioning to determine the validity of the pretrial detention warrant request, but we are looking into how the Philopon entered his body and was detected by the drug test initiated by the National Forensic Service.”

I have no idea how meth gets into your body by accident, but boy howdy, Yoochun’s lawyers are gonna try to prove it.


Meanwhile, the investigation into how Hwang Hana escaped from punishment in her 2015 case has led to two officers being booked.

On April 22, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Intellectual Crime Investigation Team revealed that they have booked two police officers for charges of dereliction of duty.

A source from the police said, “When combining testimonies from people related to the case and the investigation records at the time, [we discovered] that the [officers] in charge of [the case] did not carry out a particular investigation after booking Hwang [Ha Na], who was [suspected as] the drug distributor.” The police are also analyzing the cell phones of the two officers, who have been removed from their positions while the investigation is underway, to see if they have ties to Hwang Ha Na or her family members.

Thing is, while this is likely what happened, what they need to find out is who told them to overlook this.


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