Yoochun confesses to additional drug use, his lawyer nopes the fuck out

After initially denying everything in what is now a hilarious self-own of a press conference, Yoochun admitted to some of the drug charges against him. However, he has now gone beyond that and confessed to additional instances of drug use, according to police.

On April 30, the Narcotics Unit of the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency revealed that he had also confessed about two additional instances in which he injected the drug on his own without Hwang Ha Na. It was reported that he is denying some details of the charges made against him such as the number of times he purchased the drugs. The police plan to wrap up investigating Park Yoochun and forward the case to the prosecution within this week.

Again, I absolutely understand anybody who thinks the reaction to his drug usage is ridiculous in a vacuum and they’re not wrong. But also, due to the other (alleged) stuff he’s done, I don’t particularly give much of a fuck.

After this latest admittance, Yoochun’s lawyer basically threw his hands up and quit.

Meanwhile, his lawyer Kwon Chang Beom is stepping down from the case now that Park Yoochun admitted to using drugs. The lawyer stated, “This is lawyer Kwon Chang Beom from Corporated Law Firm In and the legal representative of Park Yoochun. I announce that I am terminating all work related to Park Yoochun starting today. As reported yesterday, Park Yoochun has admitted to his actions and is faithfully participating in the questioning.”

Guess there’s no more money to milk out of the case.


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