Kang Sung Hoon (ex-SECHSKIES) now suspected of hating on other celebs & praising himself using Naver account

After getting booted from SECHSKIES and YG Entertainment, leaving behind an impressive mess, Kang Sung Hoon has recently been embroiled in controversy over revelations that he had been bitterly dissing junior idols and allegedly holding beauty pageants with fans.

Now it’s being suspected that he has ALSO been posting malicious comments about other celebrities, including his own group members, and leaving comments praising himself with his Naver account.

Nothing is confirmed, but netizens allegedly found his account through a comment he left on the blog of one of his fans.

win***: This is Hoonie. I had a good time looking. I’m touched.
Fan: Omg…is this a dream? I’ll support you forever, my love.

It’s noteworthy because the account left a bunch of comments trolling other celebrities like Rain.

Rain that bastard has stinking breath! He was famous among singers. Everyone who used the mic that bastard used after him fainted. How terrible it must’ve been…

Rain, that idiot is so ugly. I’m disappointed in Kim Tae Hee.

Kim Tae Hee, break up with Rain!! You don’t look good together and Rain used to be a backup dancer?

Dude was seriously fucking salty about Kim Tae Hee fucking Rain.

He also commented on g.o.d. and Kim Tae Woo

Comments he left on Kim Taewoo’s article:
– He’s totally thoughtless.. so disappointed!! He doesn’t even think about self-restraint and is underestimating the public..!
– Kim Taewoo goodbye, G.O.D goodbye! Tsk tsk tsk
– He’s so arrogant that his image is totally going down! Crazy! G.O.D can’t come out anymore ㅜ

…and even dissed his own members like Eun Ji Won.

– Even Eun Jiwon is a has-been now. Sechs Kies should reunite and go on Totoga or something. Eun Jiwon’s image is too negative

But the most funniest/pathetic thing of all were the comments praising himself and/or defending himself.

Comment on his own article:
– I was so shocked when I saw him in real life! I thought that he was shining!!!

Title: Sechs Kies, plans to promote as 4?… Reveals a group picture without Kang Sunghoon
KSH: 4 members? What the? What is this?ㅡㅡ Aren’t they f*cking looking down on Kang Sunghoon now?

He seemed to defend himself frequently and vigorously.

The other celebrities he’s supposedly left negative comments on are Hyori, G-Dragon, Tae Jin Ah, g.o.d.’s Son Ho Young, and SECHSKIES’s Ko Jiyoung.


Not exactly difficult to believe that a celebrity would have an account and reply to content about themselves, nor is it difficult to believe that he would be an asshole towards others considering what was recently caught on video.

Regardless, inspired by this, I’m now personally gonna register a bunch of burner accounts on Disqus and leave comments for myself like, “I was so shocked when I saw him in real life! I thought that he was shining!!!


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