Sana opens up about her “scandal” at ‘TWICELIGHTS’ concert in Seoul

In what was an overreaction to begin with that seems even sillier with the surrounding scandals in the Korean entertainment industry, Sana had previously come under fire for an Instagram post in which she talks about Japan’s era changing with the emperor.

At TWICE‘s recent Korean concert ‘TWICELIGHTS‘, she opened up to fans about the controversy.

Sana began, “I’ve recently had many things I wanted to share with ONCE (TWICE’s fandom name). I’m a person who tends to think too much, but I’ve especially had many thoughts in recent times. At first, I had absolutely no idea what it means to receive love from so many people, but I now realize how much of a responsibility follows for being loved by many.” The TWICE member continued, “It’s hard to know how each person will interpret the things you say because we all have different personalities and opinions. Even if I didn’t mean [the things I say] in a particular way, I learned that it could still lead to disappointing many people. I know how much fans worry about me now, but I don’t think I realized it back then.” Sana added, “When I was immersed in many thoughts, I was worried and scared while thinking, ‘What if fans disappear before my eyes?’ However, when I saw the faces that were looking at me with more faith in me than ever, I decided to become stronger.” She concluded, “I’m able to become a really strong person because ONCE and TWICE are with me. Thank you for always being by my side.”

The video makes things sadder than it reads.

She then took to the TWICE official Instagram account to post another message for fans.

The idol said, “It’s truly a relief that ONCE and TWICE are by my side. I am a happy person because of my people who think of me and support me with mutual trust. I would like to become a person who is able to protect my people in the future. The members did well to prepare the concerts, and hwaiting to our upcoming world tour. The support [from fans] was also great! (I also received and enjoyed the snacks and ramen that are not in the photos here!!!!) I’m always thankful and sorry, and I love you”

Yeah, needless to say, this “scandal” was silly from the start and is at the very bottom of my concerns with the mess going on in Korean entertainment currently.


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