WINNER’s Seunghoon reportedly in contact with ‘A’ (Han Seo Hee) regarding B.I + further details on HSH/YG meeting

Following reports that YG tampered with a witness in the drug case involving B.I, it’s now being reported that Seunghoon of WINNER communicated with Han Seo Hee (who is ‘A’, which she recently revealed herself) at the time as some kind of mediator of the situation.

On June 14, Dispatch reported that Han Seo Hee was allegedly contacted by WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon before she was questioned by the police for charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act in August 2016. According to the report, Lee Seung Hoon contacted Han Seo Hee on June 1, 2016, and requested to talk on the phone.

The texts that led to this weren’t much.

Lee Seunghoon: Where are you?
Han Seo Hee: At home
Lee Seunghoon: Have you met Kim Hanbin (B.I) recently?
Han Seo Hee: Kim Hanbin? About a month ago? Is that recently? Anyway, I saw him about a month ago

Lee Seunghoon: Hey. What are you doing
Han Seo Hee: I’m eating while watching TV. What’s up with the private message?
Lee Seunghoon: I’m going to tell you something really important. Pay attention and respond quickly to me
Han Seo Hee: Okay, I will
Lee Seunghoon: Wait, let me just take this call
Han Seo Hee: Okay, take it
Lee Seunghoon: 010XXXXXXXX. Call me please

Though after the phone call, another party got involved, supposedly on Seunghoon’s behalf.

During the phone call, Lee Seung Hoon told Han Seo Hee that B.I tested positive for a drug test that was initiated within YG Entertainment at the time. Lee Seung Hoon also notified Han Seo Hee that B.I told YG employees that he used illegal drugs with her. At the end of the phone call, Lee Seung Hoon reportedly asked Han Seo Hee to meet him at the YG building in the neighborhood of Hapjeong. However, when Han Seo Hee arrived at the building, she was greeted by a YG representative known as “K” instead. “K” allegedly told Han Seo Hee that they are meeting her on Lee Seung Hoon’s behalf and asked her to keep the incident about B.I to herself.

Meanwhile, YG has now admitted to taking her phone in the meeting with Han Seo Hee where the alleged tampering took place, but still denies doing any actual tampering with her testimony.

When Dispatch later questioned Yang Hyun Suk regarding his meeting with Han Seo Hee, Yang Hyun Suk said, “It is true that I took away [Han Seo Hee’s] phone. I was worried that she would record our conversation. However, I was careful with my words. I told her that we initiate a drug test twice a month, but Han Bin (B.I’s given name) has never tested positive. I told her that she will be cleared of her charges if B.I tests negative to a drug test. She then got scared and willingly changed her statement.” However, Han Seo Hee remembers the conversation differently. Han Seo Hee is arguing that Yang Hyun Suk forced her to change her statement by saying that he has ways to look at her statements. Yang Hyun Suk also allegedly offered Han Seo Hee to pay for her lawyer and to compensate her.

If you’re anything like me reading all this, then you’re wondering what the hell exactly is being reported about Seunghoon’s involvement. Well the lawyer Bang Jung Hyun said that he was supposedly acting as a mediator, though it’s unclear whether he was directed to do so by YG or not.

On June 14, lawyer Bang Jung Hyun, who submitted testimony regarding the 2016 drug cast to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission on behalf of Han Seo Hee, also revealed that a boy group member from YG Entertainment tried to conceal the case. The lawyer appeared as a guest on the June 14 broadcast of CBS’s “Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show” and said, “It’s difficult to reveal [information] right now, but there was an incident where a member of a different boy group acted as a mediator between YG and Han [Seo Hee] and tried to conceal the drug case. We do not know whether he did it on his own, after being ordered to do so, or due to his personal relationship with Han Seo Hee.”

That quite obviously refers to Seunghoon.

That said, Han Seo Hee herself didn’t seem to think he knew what was going on.

On August 30, 2016 when she was re-investigated, her statements changed. When police asked her about the Kakaotalk conversation with Lee Seunghoon, she denied any involvement with them. She also told police that Lee Seunghoon did not know the full situation either.

So yeah, as expected, this is only becoming more of a mess and expanding further with time. Though it doesn’t seem especially clear at the moment, any connection to this for WINNER’s Seunghoon has to be unsavory at least from a public relations perspective.


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