Director Hong Sang Soo’s wife going on year 3 of denying him a divorce so he can marry actress Kim Min Hee

Back in fucking 2016, it was revealed that director Hong Sang Soo was dating actress Kim Min Hee. His wife, being the apparent world leader of petty, has refused to sign off on their divorce and that battle continues to this day as he was recently denied a divorce by courts.

“Hong Sang Soo and his wife’s marriage is at a bad place. But Hong Sang Soo is the one mainly responsible for this downfall. The court does not allow the one responsible to file a divorce unless special exceptions. Hong Sang Soo’s case is not a special exception, and so the divorce is denied.” — Judge Kim Sang Jin

As many have pointed out before, this surely cannot be healthy for anybody involved. However, the core of the issue comes down to division of assets, which is why they haven’t been able to settle on anything. So money, as usual.

Regardless, the petty part of this is truly amazing.


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