YGE denies WINNER’s Seunghoon intervened in drug case involving B.I

In what was a surprising association when it was reported, WINNER‘s Seunghoon was revealed to have contacted Han Seo Hee privately regarding B.I and drugs. In response, YG Entertainment has released a statement saying that he did not intervene in the case.

Hello, this is YG Entertainment. The report that Lee Seung Soon is a deputy director of YG is not true, it is a simple misunderstanding. “Deputy director” is a nickname Lee Seung Hoon has earned because he has suggested many ideas at the agency. The business cards in question were also one-time props that were used to create video content. Also, it is not true that Lee Seung Hoon intervened in the controversy involving “A,” and we believe the police investigation will reveal this too. We sincerely ask that outlets refrain from speculative reports on this matter.

I hadn’t seen anything about the nickname thing, but as far back as 2017 they have said it was mainly a inside joke.

Notably, they are not denying that he contacted her, as the texts seem to be legit. However, they are essentially saying that he did not act as a mediator for YG to try and cover up the B.I drug case.

At the end of the phone call, Lee Seung Hoon reportedly asked Han Seo Hee to meet him at the YG building in the neighborhood of Hapjeong. However, when Han Seo Hee arrived at the building, she was greeted by a YG representative known as “K” instead. “K” allegedly told Han Seo Hee that they are meeting her on Lee Seung Hoon’s behalf and asked her to keep the incident about B.I to herself.

Perhaps YG got wind of their meeting and intervened without his permission or something, but if things actually happened as described, then it’s definitely fishy. That said, it would seem reasonable to wait and see if anything further is revealed as far as Seunghoon is concerned.


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