Adult entertainment industry witness ‘Madam Jung’ admits women attended dinner, denies YG provided prostitution

While YG has recently stepped down from YG Entertainment over his alleged role in covering up B.I’s ties to a drug case, YG has also been accused of soliciting prostitution for investors. On that front, the woman who allegedly brought the women to the dinner, Madam Jung, admits women attended the dinner party but denied that YG funded prostitution.

On June 18, Yonhap News reported that the Provincial Special Detective Division of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency recently called in Madam Jung for witness questioning. Madam Jung reportedly admitted that a number of women had attended the dinner, but she denied that prostitution had taken place. The police are looking into the identities of the women that were brought to the dinner and whether or not they had provided sexual services in exchange for compensation.

Yeah. This basically dovetails with the YG source’s position that adult entertainment industry women/prostitutes were at the dinner but any sex that happened occurred naturally. I mean if you want to cling to this as the truth, then by all means, but her denying it in this manner is amusing.

That said, if there’s no financial records connecting YG to this, then hey, technically correct is the best kind of correct, I guess.


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