Police & prosecutors continue to play blame game regarding B.I drug case not being investigated further

In the ongoing scandal about B.I’s involvement in a drug case that was allegedly covered up by YG, it was recently reported that the police did send a report on how sketchy things were to the prosecution, seemingly throwing them under the bus. Now the prosecutors have fired back, saying that they did call in Han Seo Hee but she cried a lot so they couldn’t do anything and assumed that the police were working on a formal investigation.

At a press conference that was held on June 18, second deputy director Lee Soo Kwon of Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office stated, “At the time, the police only forwarded the case about ‘A,’ who exchanged KakaoTalk messages with [B.I] that suggested the purchase of drugs. [B.I] was not a target of investigation. The prosecution questioned ‘A’ once, but the questioning did not proceed smoothly because she was crying continuously. [B.I] was not mentioned during the questioning.” Second deputy director Lee Soo Kwon added that they had received from the police a two-page internal investigation report that mentioned B.I’s name. The prosecution understood this to mean that the police were conducting an internal investigation and did not carry out a separate investigation on their part.

In response, the police said they closed the investigation due to Han Seo Hee changing her testimony, despite having previously noted in their report how sketchy that was.

The police state that because “A” testified in her third investigation that she did not deliver any drugs to B.I, they deemed the suspicions on B.I invalid and closed the internal investigation.

Essentially, the prosecution is saying they thought the police were doing a follow-up on things and the police are saying they thought the prosecution was.

I dunno what happened here, but it certainly seems like somebody screwed up, and if they’re trying to convince us that everything was/will be fine, then it’s not working.


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