Fans upset with how A.C.E & DEAN concerts in Canada were handled, volunteer explains the issues

Hey, remember the promoter Gerald Belanger who tried to trademark ‘K-pop’ in Canada? Well he’s apparently still operating within K-pop and his recent concerts for A.C.E and DEAN in Toronto, Canada have left a bunch of fans upset if social media and tips being sent to me are any indication. There’s a bunch of stuff out there right now, but here are two threads in particular that explain the issues fans have.

Furthermore, a volunteer at the concerts recently came forward on Reddit and talked about their experience with how things were run by Pop Goes The World.

I was not aware of what was going on until people started telling me about it, so I’ve got nothing to add to what fans are already talking about. However, I hate hearing from disappointed fans telling me about how they traveled and/or saved money for an event only to come away with a terrible experience, so I figured that signal boosting this and giving fans another side of the experience to consider going forward is the least I could do.


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