Jang Moon Bok is making acting debut in ‘Wild Guys’, further showing that ‘God Of Music’ was real

Jang Moon Bok‘s boy group LIMITLESS is debuting soon, but also important is the news that he’s about to make his acting debut.

According to a source in the industry, Jang Moon Bok will be appearing in tvN D’s upcoming web drama “Wild Guys” (literal title). The series will tell the funny and sad story of youth struggling at school, employment, and dating through the members of a college art club called “Amazing.” In this sitcom-like web drama, Jang Moon Bok will appear as Min Dong Han, who’s a popular YouTuber online but doesn’t have much of a presence in real life. Jang Moon Bok shared the casting news with his fans on Instagram. He wrote, “‘Wild Guys’ will air its first episode on July 12 on tvN D Story! Please give lots of love to Dong Han!” He added, “What do you think my skill is?” with the hashtags, “Wild Guys,” “tvN D Story,” and “Min Dong Han.”

Folks, not only is the Hip-Hop President an actor now, but it also confirms that ‘God Of Music‘ is not acting and is 100% real just like I’ve known all along.

Bless up.


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