Mnet looks to monetize fanwars with ‘Queendom’, which is intriguing in a way

Actress Lee Da Hee has recently been unveiled as the MC of the new Mnet program ‘Queendom‘, which sounds like it’ll effectively do away with any facade regarding fandom competition and just have them do it on purpose and out in the open for ratings.

“Queendom” will feature six K-pop girl groups releasing singles on the same day at the same time to determine the winner in a direct competition. Lee Da Hee commented, “I am a fan of girl groups, so I am happy for this great opportunity to be an MC. I will work hard as it is a new challenge different from my acting activities.” “Queendom” is set to premiere in late August.

No word on which groups or companies will be participating, but it should be interesting to see if they are evenly matched and whether the show mobilizes their fandoms or turns people off.

If this actually gains a following/relevancy, I can see this becoming an absolute bloodbath, which always has the potential for entertainment value at least.


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