Threatening texts sent by Kang Ji Hwan to his 2 sexual assault victims revealed

Actor Kang Ji Hwan was recently accused of sexual assault against two staff members at his home during a work-related meeting and he recently confessed to the crimes.

Now it’s being reported by ‘Entertainment Weekly‘ that the victims were threatened by Kang Ji Hwan through his manager.

When asked if Kang Ji Hwan’s representatives had threatened the victims in any way, the legal representative showed screenshots of text messages that Kang Ji Hwan’s manager had sent the victims. These messages included phrases like, “This will end as soon as an article with an ‘official apology’ comes out” and “If you guys go to court and you’re photographed, what are you going to do about that?” It also included the threat, “We have evidence that is damaging to you [the victims]. Kang Ji Hwan’s lost everything. He’s already going to be punished, so he isn’t afraid of anything. The things you’re going to be dealing with will be even scarier from now on.”

Seems like a pretty explicit example of how a celebrity uses their power to intimidate victims and also how a predator uses the sexist values/victim blaming of society to their advantage.


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