Yoochun ordered to settle suit for damages brought by alleged sexual assault victim

Following Yoochun‘s sentencing for drug offenses, he has now been ordered by the court to settle the lawsuit brought against him by one of his sexual assault accusers that was cleared of false charges.

It was decided on July 15 that the dispute between Park Yoochun and “S” would be settled by mandatory mediation. Park Yoochun was ordered to compensate “S” with 100 million won, and in the case that neither party appeals within two weeks, the order will have the same effect as a final court ruling. Previously, in a lawsuit for damages against Park Yoochun, “S” asked for compensation of 100 million won and also requested that an officetel owned by Park Yoochun in the neighborhood of Samseong be seized. “S” is the second woman to accuse Park Yoochun of sexual assault, claiming that she was sexually assaulted in December 2016.

It came to this because Yoochun basically didn’t bother to contest it.

Park Yoochun did not present a written opinion in the three months after the complaint was filed, so the date of the sentencing trial was set without a plea from the defendant. Park Yoochun’s side belatedly sent out a power of attorney and a notice about the cancellation of the date of the sentencing trial without a plea. The department of justice then decided to refer the case to mediation, and they have delivered a report on their decision to refer the case to mandatory mediation to both parties.

That, uh, is an interesting course of action given how they tirelessly dogged his sexual assault accusers at the time. Guess back then there was still a reputation to protect or something like that.


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