Yoochun reportedly sued for damages by woman who was cleared of false charges after she alleged he sexually assaulted her

Yoochun has reportedly been sued by a woman who had previously come forward against him with allegations that he sexually assaulted her, and C-JeS Entertainment have said they are checking into the facts.

According to an exclusive report by YTN Star on March 18, a source from the legal circle revealed that a person known as “S” filed a lawsuit for damages against Park Yoochun on December 13, 2018. The report further stated that “S” asked for compensation of 100 million won (approximately $88,088) and also requested that an officetel owned by Park Yoochun in the neighborhood of Samseong be seized. The request was approved by the court on March 12. “S” is the second woman to accuse Park Yoochun of sexual assault in 2016 by arguing that the singer sexually assaulted her in December 2015. At the time, Park Yoochun’s agency responded by announcing that Park Yoochun would retire if he was found guilty of committing any crime. The agency also sued “S” and three other individuals with similar claims for making false accusations. “S” received a final ruling of not guilty in 2017, and Park Yoochun was also cleared of the allegations made by all four individuals in 2017. The lawyer of “S” said, “‘S’ delayed submitting her civil suit as much as possible because she was waiting for Park Yoochun to willingly apologize and reflect [on his wrongdoings]. However, she ended up processing the lawsuit because [Park Yoochun] did not show apologetic behavior.” C-JeS Entertainment responded, “We are checking the situation with a lawyer. After confirming the facts, we will deliver our statement.”

Notably, the woman suing him was concluded to be not guilty of defamation and false charges in December of 2017.

During the appeals for that case, the woman described her experience with Yoochun.

“After having unwanted sexual intercourse, my whole body ached and I just wanted to go home so bad. At the thought of no one believing me, I even thought it would be better for me to burn coal briquette, commit suicide, and let the investigation go on after they find my cell phone.” “I told the police but I wasn’t sure if they would believe me because he’s a famous figure. And I was also afraid of getting retaliated so I withdrew the claims. I believed the shock will go away after time but it didn’t. I have kept and still have the sanitary pads I used at the time. I can’t breathe every time I see him…”

Notably, she was recommended that she change her accusation to prostitution.

“During the investigation, I was suggested to change sexual assault to prostitution. I couldn’t accept it because it wasn’t the truth. I also didn’t think I’ll get criticized for his legal action on false charges. It was a legal entertainment facility that was far from prostitution. But there were many malicious comments. The prosecutor sent in an arrest warrant. I was scared that I cried…”

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Gangnam police station handled this back then, and they are currently being investigated for police corruption in the Burning Sun/Seungri/Jung Joon Young case.

Remember, his defense at the time for why the woman was clearly lying was that the bathroom was too small for him to have raped her.

The first trial of the appeal was held on the morning of September 5, where the prosecution revealed their reason for the appeal: “Although the initial trial resulted in a unanimous jury vote of ‘not guilty,’ it’s not possible for rape to occur in a small bathroom; what happened was that [Park Yoochun] did not give [Ms. Song] his number after having consensual intercourse, so she falsely accused him of rape.”

Yikes? Yeah, exactly.

Should be interesting to see if she can get compensated since this won’t be a criminal case.


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