KARD’s BM, Pentagon’s Hongseok, and Sean set thirst traps in the jungle on ‘Law Of The Jungle’

Not sure what they were hoping to catch on ‘Law Of The Jungle‘, but KARD’s BM, Pentagon‘s Hongseok, and Sean were setting thirst traps anyway.

At least for BM, this stuff is all extremely on brand.

During the July 20 episode of the SBS variety show, the three men ended up going diving in the rain in Myanmar. While stripping down to their swimming trunks, the singers exchanged compliments on each other’s physiques, with BM and Hongseok even giving each other a high-five.
Each of the men then took turns diving into the water in their own unique ways, followed by BM and Hongseok jumping off the cliff while holding hands. Sean later remarked in his interview, “Because [BM and Hongseok] were having so much fun and the atmosphere was so exciting, I think I had even more fun. I had a blast with the three of us diving together.” BM added, “It was so refreshing, and to be honest, I didn’t want to leave.” Hongseok similarly commented, “It was so much fun, to the point where I thought, ‘So this is what all our suffering up until now has been for.’” For their final jump, the three stars all held hands and leapt off the cliff at the same time while shouting, “‘Law of the Jungle in Myanmar’!”

I mean, of course.


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