Lai Kuan Lin (WANNA ONE) requests contract termination from Cube Entertainment

Lai Kuan Lin, who was a member of WANNA ONE, has requested contract termination from his company Cube Entertainment.

According to an exclusive report by news outlet SPO TV News on July 20, Lai Kuanlin recently filed a certification of contents for the termination of his exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment. A source from the entertainment industry told SPO TV News that Lai Kuanlin is currently pursuing activities independently after sending the certification of contents.

Cube has acknowledged that they have received the certification of contents and will have a statement later.

Cube Entertainment reportedly told the news outlet, “It’s true that we received a certification of contents from Lai Kuanlin. We’ll release an official statement later.”

The reason for the dispute between the two sides is unknown as of yet.


Cube has released an official statement on the matter and is claiming that they did their job and they have no idea what this is about.

“It is true that we received a letter of notification about the termination of our exclusive contract with our artist, Lai Kuanlin, from a legal representative claiming to represent him. However, nothing has occurred between the agency and Lai Kuanlin to give grounds for contract termination, so we are currently verifying the authenticity of the content in the letter of notification as well as whether Lai Kuanlin’s legal representative has the power of attorney. As an agency, we have always carried out our duties in ensuring that Lai Kuanlin, ever since his debut, could come into his own as an artist that receives love from the public. If there is no evidence of problems with the agency, then we will take legal action under due process of law.

Well this could get messy.


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