Hyosung & TSE reach settlement to cancel contract, TSE plans other lawsuits cause of course

After Hyosung filed for termination of her contract with TS Entertainment, courts sided with her but TSE filed a countersuit for like a million dollars. Now though, the two sides have reached a settlement and Hyosung is free from TSE forever at least.

Her lawyer released a statement about the court’s ruling.

Regarding the incident that began in September 2017 involving the validity of the exclusive contract between Jun Hyosung and her past agency, the Seoul High Court decided on the settlement, “The validity of the exclusive contract between Jun Hyosung and her past agency no longer exists,” on July 22, 2019, and since both sides did not raise objections, the decision was confirmed yesterday. Thus, the dispute that has continued arduously for nearly two years regarding Jung Hyosung’s exclusive contract has all come to an end.

She also expressed gratitude to fans and yadda yadda yadda.

TSE also released a statement, which agreed on one thing but promised further mess.

Due to the court’s recommendation of reconciliation regarding the lawsuit for the confirmation of the invalidity of Jun Hyosung’s exclusive contract, both sides mutually decided to agree that the exclusive contract is not valid and to carry out a suit related to her contract termination and related causes separately. We have terminated our contract with Jun Hyosung and only the part about not providing payment materials were cited among the claims Jun Hyosung made in the first trial. The other claims she made including non-payment, transferring rights to a third party, failure to explain contracts beforehand, and not faithfully fulfilling management duties were rejected and revealed to not be the truth. Therefore, we are planning to carry out a separate lawsuit for [Jun Hyosung] to be held responsible regarding the causes leading up to contract termination. Also, we plan on taking strong action so that Jun Hyosung’s side will be held responsible for their false statements.

They both agree that Hyosung’s exclusive contract is done and over with, so she’s free. However, TSE plan to continue on with other lawsuits against her, basically for damages.

I mean, why not, right? Suing former artists and stuff has to be their main hope for revenue at this point.


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