Sleepy says he finally … woke up to TSE’s ways, denies embezzlement

It was recently revealed that Untouchable’s Sleepy had terminated his contract with TS Entertainment earlier in September after a legal dispute, and TSE also announced they would be suing him on accusations of embezzlement.

Sleepy recently responded to this on Instagram.

First off, I am very sorry to be greeting you with this unfortunate news. My exclusive contract with the agency that I spent more than 10 years at after my debut has been terminated through a legal dispute. In the past, when my colleagues sued the agency, I believed the agency over and over again. However, after the CEO passed away last April, matters that I could not understand occurred.

I mean … you have to ask questions at that point, right? Guess it takes Sleepy a while to wake up, amirite? Folks.

I asked point-blank multiple times to be shown my account statements, but I was never shown a proper one. After showing me a few arbitrarily written up pages, the current management told me that they had shown me everything. Even now, as I don’t know exactly how the appearance fees I earned while promoting were used, this problem is not just my own. In fact, because the management fees and rent for my dorm were continuously pushed back seven to as much as 12 months, I lived uncomfortably with my water and electricity cut off, and I was eventually evicted. I was afraid to sue, and because hiring a lawyer would cause a strain on my already difficult financial situation, I really worked hard to bear with it until the last moment. However, as the agency had even my broadcast appearance payments seized by creditors, I could not take it anymore and decided to sue.

His situation with TSE mirrors basically everybody else.

I feel it is unfortunate that the current management claimed that they are going to take legal measures against me for embezzling money despite my exclusive contract already being terminated. I did not embezzle money. I am actually trying to recover my rights through receiving the money that was withheld from me through suing the agency.

I mean really, what do you say? Is the world’s biggest conspiracy that basically every artist under their label has wanted contract termination for the same reasons?


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