Sleepy shouts out TSE groups before launching into diss track against TSE on ‘Music Core’ + Song Ji Eun shows support

Through his legal disputes with TS Entertainment, Sleepy certainly has a lot of people who can relate to his struggles, including SONAMOO’s Nahyun and Sumin as the latest additions to the club. Also in that group is former SECRET member Song Ji Eun, who recently showed her support for Sleepy and his new song with BAP member (and ex-TSE) Bang Yong Guk on Instagram.

On September 21, Song Ji Eun shared the cover to Sleepy’s new single “Dispute,” which features B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk, who left TS Entertainment when his contract with them expired last August. The song’s lyrics were written by Sleepy and Bang Yong Guk and are directly aimed at the agency, with lyrics like “Yo TS Rest in peace,” and “Those who have committed a crime, you must be punished. The media and the public, don’t believe their stories.” Along with the cover, Song Ji Eun quoted the lyrics “Do the right thing,” and included the hashtags “Sleepy” and “Dispute.”

As you can see, the song called “Trouble” is basically a diss track to TSE.

So with that knowledge, I guess music shows also don’t fear TSE (and shouldn’t) because MBC allowed Sleepy to perform the song on ‘Music Core’, which he started by shouting out all the former TSE groups and also the ones still stuck there.

You know a company is over when a station makes a special stage so that your former artist can diss you.

Oh man.


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