YGE’s ‘My Major Is Hip-Hop’ show searches for new talents to screw over

YG Entertainment have reportedly wrapped filming on a hip-hop reality show called ‘My Major Is Hip-Hop’ finding talent at universities, but they don’t have a way to broadcast it yet, so there’s been a delay.

A report by the outlet on October 2 states that YG’s hip hop program “My Major Is Hip Hop” (literal title) has wrapped on filming. However, it’s reported that the show has been postponed for the time being after discussions about scheduling with the broadcasting company. The show’s broadcast date is therefore undecided. Sports Dong-A states, “According to sources, it’s seen that considerable factors in the decision to postpone scheduling are the public criticism evoked by some artists from YG Entertainment recently as well as owner risk [a risk or loss for a company based on the actions of its owners].” “My Major Is Hip Hop” is a show that aims to discover talented rappers through checking out hip hop clubs at famous universities. It’s directed by Lee Sang Yoon, who was at the helm of the fourth season of “Show Me the Money” and was chief producer for “Produce 101.”

People are always desperately enough to try for something like this, even for a brand going through turmoil like YGE. However, as a mere observer and not somebody desperately trying to make ends meet in that world, I can wonder out loud how anybody can have any confidence in a YG reality show after ‘MIXNINE’, ‘YG Treasure Box’ to an extent, and even ‘K-Pop Star’ to an extent, and that’s not even mentioning their own artists being constantly delayed. Thankfully there’s at least no indication yet they’re going to have to pick a winner to debut, cause god knows they suck at doing that, but I have confidence they can find a way to fuck the people who appear on this over somehow.

But maybe it works out, right? Of course, that’s why people will try, but anybody skeptical of this and sounding a red siren much less a red flag is completely justified at this point.


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