ZICO’s “Extreme” references Jung Joon Young’s molka scandal, putting the bullseye back on him

Another Zico article? Yeah, actually.

For starters, yeah I fucked up by unnecessarily crossposting the reviews of Zico’s releases. That’s my bad. Honestly, I was busy doing work for the baseball playoffs and just crossposted content cause I felt the site needed something as I did actual work, which is also why I didn’t see the comments until like hours ago. Lesson learned.

Anyway, this seems like the perfect time to explore explicitly why people were upset by seeing it. Some people who were downvoted were rather confused, and that’s likely because other than a couple mentions of it, I hadn’t focused much on Zico’s role in the molka scandal around these parts and mainly focused on the parties directly involved.

Well Zico made it an easy segue because in his recent song, “Extreme”, he references his involvement in the Jung Joon Young scandal and the Golden Phone issue, stating “I’ve never seen a video like that, swear to god”.

Previously Zico had claimed that he had just seen contacts in Jung Joon Young’s phone.

The phone-related anecdote that I mentioned on a television program has no relation whatsoever to this current unpleasant matter.
All that I saw on the phone in question was the contact information of [his] acquaintances, and it has been a long time since we fell out of touch.
Please refrain from making hasty speculations, and I will be taking firm action in response to any malicious comments or the spreading of false rumors.

Logically though, it seems rather hard to believe given the 2016 ‘Radio Star’ appearance by the two in which the golden phone was mentioned.

Zico brought up that Jung Joon Young had a special phone for KakaoTalk.

During the show, Zico revealed, “Jung Joon Young has a ‘golden phone.’ It’s not his main phone, and he only uses it for KakaoTalk [a messaging app]. It’s kind of like a Pokémon book, with many people in it.” Jung Joon Young responded, “Zico comes over to my house and asks, ‘Hyung, where’s your golden phone?’ He’ll lie on my bed and look at it, saying, ‘Today, I’ll start from the letter A.’”

Fans are using that he used the letter as a defense for just being into contacts, but it makes no sense to brag about KakaoTalk chats and then pretend it was only to look at names, nor does it make any sense to get all excited about going to somebody’s house to look at a list of names.

It just doesn’t seem possible for a reasonable person to believe his excuse. As to what exactly he saw, we also don’t know, but it’s doubtful the answer is nothing and making it worse is that he’s trying to distance himself from it entirely. That doubt is enough to evade anything serious legally, but understandably it is not enough to avoid backlash.


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