Starship says suggestive pics claimed to be of Monsta X’s Shownu are manipulated, will take legal action

After Wonho’s withdrawal from Monsta X, things seemed to quickly move onto Shownu. Starship Entertainment was quick to clarify that issue, and they were forced to clarify another situation with Shownu recently, this time saying that suggestive photos purportedly of him are manipulated.

On November 3, an individual on Twitter posted three photos online and claimed that they were of MONSTA X’s Shownu. In the photos, a man can be seen sleeping on a bed in his underwear, and one of the photos is more explicit than the others as he appears to be fully unclothed. The photos in question seem to have been taken in secret while the man was asleep, and they began spreading quickly on social media and online communities.

Starship issued a statement that included that they would be taking serious legal action.

Photos that were illegally manipulated in relation to Shownu have been spread online and through social media. We will be filing a report with the police on the first person who posted the photos, as well as those who have helped spread the photos, and we will work with our legal representative to pursue strong legal action through civil suits for compensation of damages on the basis of violating the Act on special cases concerning punishments of sexual violence crimes, circulating material deemed pornographic by the Act on Information and Communications Network, and violating personal rights.

Yeah, even with the pictures being fake, that would be terrible anyway. But if they were real, I’m not sure what this person would be trying to accomplish other than shaming him, as the pictures as described are no different from what created the molka scandals.

Whoever was behind this is quite the piece of shit and hopefully they’re held accountable.


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