Songs You May Have Missed: October Edition


All I want in life is to be slightly cold in order to wear 17 layers of clothing every time I leave the house and for a new playlist of songs that might have slipped past the radar this past month.

So here I am, making my own dreams come true. Let;s go!


Limesoda – “Wave”

Cute girls, a playful melody, dreamy vocals, and a solid chorus? We stan Limesoda now.

Olltii, Stella Jang, Punchnello, Young B – “Party”

So, being totally honest, I’m always 80% on board with anything Olltii or Punchnello do before I even listen because I’m absurdly biased, but this track is so fun. A little edge of chiptunes and a sweet melody that reminds me of playing Mario Kart 64 as a child? I’m down.

Zesty Featuring Fr:Eden – “Dawn Driving”

This is the type of song that I keep firmly in my ‘going somewhere or doing something’ playlists rather than something I would sit down to listen to on its own, but Zesty’s flow is solid and I did listen to this song five times in a row the first time I found it.

NELL – “See U In Five”

In this house we love and adore NELL and that’s all I have to say on the matter. 

OVAN – “Missed Call”

Continuing our melancholy theme, this song has absolutely silky vocals, a bittersweet MV, and a slight Hyukoh-esque vibe.

Se So Neon – “Go Back”

If you don’t know Se So Neon, you should. Gorgeous vocals (as always) from my girl Soyoon go perfectly with the minimalist guitar track and some great groovy bass. This song already lives in my ‘Repeat Forever’ playlist.

DAMYE Featuring Samuel Seo – “Lonely Boy”

I’m in love with everything about this song; it is very much my shit. Catch me doing that dance at the bus stop in the morning.

Giriboy Featuring Jvcki Wai – “Tiger Den”

Does Giriboy ever stop? I’m gonna go with no.

TXT – “Roller Coaster”

There’s a lot of pressure on TXT as a group, and I think this second offering from them is much more consistent and together than their debut. This song in particular has been on repeat for the past couple of weeks.

Taeyeon – “Hahaha LOL”

Admittedly, I’ve never really been on Team Taeyeon despite being fond of SNSD as a group, but this whole album is gorgeous and fits so nicely together. This track is stunning and smoky and I just love it.


And that’s it for this month! As always, feel free to post more recommendations in the comments, or tweet me stuff to include at @hels_worth.

Happy listening!

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