Mnet execs reportedly set to be investigated by police in connection with ‘PD101’ scandal

Apparently we weren’t the only ones noticing that Mnet was trying to distance themselves from the ongoing scandal and scapegoat Ahn Joon Young for everything, as MBC pointed that out in their story about how police are planning to investigate Mnet execs.

MBC pointed out that CJ ENM and Mnet has been distancing themselves from the case, explaining that the PD was the only one at fault. However, the police arrested Kim Yong Bum, the CP of the Produce 101 series and a higher up to Ahn Joon Young PD. After realizing that the crime extended above the PD rank, the police are reportedly planning on investigating more higher ups in Mnet.

That only makes sense, and the people who kicked all this off want to go even higher in trying to get at CJ E&M.

“CJ ENM most likely managed and directed it, so the investigation shouldn’t end as the result of one individual. They need to investigate the corporate behind it.” – Plaintiff

Are they correct? Probably. But I imagine all the companies who were in on this scheme are going to attempt to pile everything onto a few individuals, and they will likely get away with it.

Then again, you’d figure they wouldn’t be stupid enough to leave a paper trail as long as they, and this all got started cause they couldn’t be bothered to do their fake votes discreetly, so competency is a legit question.


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