Kyungri & 2AM’s Jinwoon confirmed to be dating, which is … something

Reports broke today that former Nine Muses member Kyungri and 2AM‘s Jinwoon were dating.

SBS funE cited several industry sources and reported that Jeong Jiwoon and Kyungri began dating in 2017. One source shared, “Every time Jeong Jinwoon was on break from the military, he enjoyed public dates with Kyungri without minding other people’s attention. They’re serious about each other.” In response to the report, a source from Jeong Jinwoon’s agency Mystic Story stated to Sports Donga, “It’s taking some time to check with Jeong Jinwoon because he’s serving in the military. We will release a statement after checking with him.” A source from Kyungri’s side also said, “We are checking with [Kyungri].” In December 2017, Jeong Jinwoon and Kyungri released a duet track titled “White Christmas” and appeared on Comedy TV’s variety show “Guys Who Buy New Products” (literal title) together.

During the period when the companies (or company since Kyungri doesn’t have one) were trying to confirm, at least we got jokes off.

Things were then eventually confirmed.

Memes about Kyungri’s past quotes not dating idols aside, the reason to dislike this pairing is legit, as Jinwoon has been linked to Jung Joon Young. It does not appear that him and the rest of the ‘Hitmaker‘ cast were in the molka chat, but Jung Joon Young reportedly did share like a creepshot in their show chat and they all made sexual comments about it.

According to SBS Morning Wide, police confirmed that Jung Joon Young distributed photos of the body of a flight attendant to two group chats back in 2016. Among the people in the chat were Kangin, Jung Jinwoon, and model Lee Chul Woo, who all starred in ‘Hitmaker’ during the same year. The report says that the group chat members responded to the photos by laughing about them, that no one tried to stop it, and they went back and forth with a lot of sexual harassing conversations.

If you believe it was a one-time thing or that it wasn’t too terrible, then that’s up to you, but I find it rather hard to believe their connection to stuff like this would stop there.

So yeah, not great. And that’s ignoring him dating ex-Wonder Girls member Yenny before and now she’s writing songs about an ex that was cheating on her.


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