[Update] Amber faces backlash after saying man detained by police for eating “deserved it” on JK News, releases apology

Former f(x) memberAmber is currently facing a ton of backlash after JustKiddingNews released their most recent video. In it, they addressed the issue of a man who was recently harassed by a police officer for eating a sandwich on a train platform because it was against regulations.

Regardless of whatever the law was or anything of that nature, it’s rather laughable that police are going around detaining anybody for eating on that platform, much less singling out people for it.

So knowing that, Amber probably shouldn’t have subsequently said the man deserved it in a now-privated video.

Even removing the racial aspect of it and the history, I don’t understand her reasoning that police deserve respect by default regardless of their actions. No matter who it was, this would be ridiculous escalation and harassment over something nobody actually cares about. Then you add in the racial aspect as the likely reason the officer singled him out, and it just gets exponentially uglier, so flippantly dismissing the controversy as the guy deserving it cause of some “respect the badge” rationale is honestly a terrible look.

I assume that was recognized after the fact, which is why the video is now gone. Hopefully some kind of explanation and/or apology is coming, for her sake, cause this was especially bad from an Asian American.


Amber has released an apology.

She takes responsibility, though obviously it’s up to the individual as to whether they accept it or believe it.


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