‘Produce 101 Japan’ distances itself from ‘Produce 101, assures you they aren’t corrupt

In a rather amusing twist, ‘Produce 101 Japan‘ has had to publicly disavow connection to ‘Produce 101‘, at least on the level of saying that they have nothing to do with CJ E&M and they aren’t gonna defraud people.

Recently, the operations department for “Produce 101 Japan” issued a statement via the show’s website. In the statement, they clarified, “We inform you that ‘Produce 101 Japan’ is a Japanese version that is independent from the Korean ‘Produce 101’ and is produced with its own operation system, and it involves absolutely no corruption.” The statement went on to say, “All of the vote aggregation for ‘Produce 101 Japan’ is being carried out impartially under the presence of staff members from several companies involved in production. Also, the CJ ENM staff and other people who were involved in the vote manipulation, who have been mentioned in several reports, are not working on the production of ‘Produce 101 Japan.’” The statement then clarified that a team of staff members from several companies is carrying out the vote aggregation themselves, and it said that an outside lawyer that is completely separate from the production is taking part, ensuring impartiality.

Well that’s reassuring, glad this company gives us no reason at all to be skeptical about their moral standing.



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