Lai Kuan Lin loses contract termination lawsuit against Cube, who now wish to continue on with him

Back in July, former WANNA ONE member Lai Kuan Lin requested contract termination from Cube Entertainment on grounds that they sold his contract to a third party. Today the courts dismissed his request and ruled that his contract was valid, with Cube releasing a statement on it.

Today, the Seoul Central District Court decided to dismiss our agency artist Lai Kuanlin’s request to suspend his exclusive contract with the company, which was submitted in July. Our company welcomes the court’s decision, and we inform you once again that there is no reason for the termination of the exclusive contract between Cube and Lai Kuanlin. According to the court’s decision, we will maintain our exclusive contract relationship with Lai Kuanlin, and we will find an amicable solution through discussions with him.

Notably, Cube wish to continue on despite the fact that he filed a lawsuit to leave. That seems surprising on the surface, but it’s hard to envision any other way they can capitalize on him, so I suppose it only makes sense. Of course, realistically I’m not sure how that relationship can ever really be repaired, so how things go from here should be interesting to monitor.


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