Mommy Son (Mad Clown) showcases ELITE vocals in diss track targeting Vibe and sajaegi

Following Block B member Park Kyung calling out artists by name for sajaegi and then getting sued for it, rapper Mommy Son (Mad Clown) has dropped a diss track about chart manipulation primarily targeted at Vibe.

On November 27, the rapper released a new song titled “Vibe From Experience” (literal title). In the description of the video, Mommy Son wrote, “Good luck to everyone who works hard to make music!” While the description might seem encouraging, the actual lyrics of the song tell a different story. The song is actually a diss track primarily aimed at Vibe, one of the many artists accused of chart manipulation. The lyrics include such lines as, “I once dominated the digital charts, but now I can’t even stay in the top 100 of the charts for a day,” and, “If the Vibe from your experience is that much from doing music for 15 years because you like it so much, you should be ashamed.” “Don’t see much for your YouTube view counts. Gotta spend money on Facebook,” he adds.

Gonna be amazing when Mad Clown is outed officially as Mommy Son when he gets sued for this.


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