Sleepy responds to TSE claiming he lied about living conditions + TSE’s argument appears to hinge on a technicality

Rapper Sleepy is currently engaged in a legal dispute with his former agency TS Entertainment after he terminated his contract with them due to legal disputes, a common theme for TSE. Unsurprisingly, audio of Sleepy being treated poorly later emerged. But something else that was a major part of Sleepy’s problem with the company was his squalid living conditions.

Recently however TSE released a statement refuting Sleepy’s contentions about living conditions.

We wish to state that the claims Sleepy has made recently in the media are false. Many people believe that the water and electricity were cut off in the dorms that our label artist was using, but this is a complete lie and unfounded statement. The first document we have included is an official document from the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) and the second is from the apartment’s management office. Sleepy had requested to be able to live with his family, so the above address is the home where Sleepy and his family lived, which the agency provided the deposit and monthly rent for. The above address has never experienced the water or electricity being cut off. However, Sleepy’s one-sided claims were reported by the media and has led people to believe that his false claims are facts. We express great displeasure that such claims were published when their validity could have been checked with a single phone call. Also, Sleepy, who lived in the home, knew better than anyone that his claims were false but still continues to lie in interviews and on television to this day, and we believe we must take legal action as a result. As we are an agency and manage various different dorms, there have been instances of utility bills being paid late, but never has the water or electricity been shut off. We will be taking strong legal action against media sites that published malicious articles and the lies that have been told.

The statement comes with pictures that purportedly prove their point, and the statement is strong in painting Sleepy as a liar that’s manipulating the truth.

Sleepy has recently responded to TSE on Instagram.

“From what I understand, my former agency sent a press release to various media outlets stating that ‘The water and electricity were never cut off.’ I am currently working on my own without an agency, and I was filming yesterday so I could not release an official statement immediately. Till now, we have received countless notices and warning messages that the gas would be cut off, like the stickers you get when your property is seized. Whenever I received one, I would send it to my former agency and beg to avert the problem. However, I didn’t know how to handle the constant fear of my water, electricity, or gas being cut off whenever I received a text message. The attached photos show proof of it. I don’t know what else I can say to explain this situation. I hope you can see and decide for yourselves. The name “Kim Sung Won” in the screenshots is my real name.

Sleepy provided picture evidence of his own.

The pictures basically depict Sleepy begging TSE to resolve the issues.

With the post, Sleepy included messages he had sent to a TS employee asking him to resolve the situation of unpaid bills, with one message including a photo of his bathtub that his mother had filled with water in case their water was shut off. He also included text messages he received from related services asking about unpaid bills, with warnings that services would be discontinued if the situation was not resolved.

Sooo … it seems to me that TSE went with the technicality argument in the sense that his water and electricity were never actually cut off. Perhaps that’s true but instead he and his family were just living in constant fear of it because the company wasn’t paying the bills and they were being harassed over that.

Honestly not sure what TSE are even doing as every point they make ends up just appearing to turn out worse for them. If it was revealed at some point that the company was some kind of front for lawyers to rack up legal feels doing pointless shit, I’d believe it.


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