Han Seo Hee alleges that Jung Da Eun threatened & abused her

Han Seo Hee and Jung Da Eun have been in the news recently, not only for their relationship, but for calling out idols as well. Well the couple are in the news again, this time unfortunately for Han Seo Hee alleging that she’s suffered threats and abuse from Jung Da Eun.

On Instagram, Han Seo Hee posted a picture of an exchange with a female friend, telling her of the abuse.

Unnie, Jung Da Eun is trying to kill me.
What should I do?
She’s crying now saying she made a mistake.
I feel like I am slowly but surely losing my mind.
She choked me and said she’ll kill me with her own two hands
I had told her that I wanted to die but how could someone do that to someone who wanted to die..?
I said I wanted to die because I was so tired.
I meant it as a cry for help.
She held me down on the floor and strangled me.
And said “I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you with my own hands, you fucking bitch.”
Can you even imagine trying to understand this..?

Han Seo Hee: Then she said that it was her trying to stop me from dying.
Han Seo Hee: So now she is crying.
Friend: No wait.
Friend: I don’t understand.
Friend: Wouldn’t it be better if you two were separated?
Han Seo Hee: It was the first time I’ve heard a person call me a fucking bitch.
Han Seo Hee: So I called my mom.
Han Seo Hee: I was seriously slapped.
Han Seo Hee: That was also a first.
Han Seo Hee: Is she really a girl…?
Han Seo Hee: She’s crazy…
Han Seo Hee: My head was swollen.

Han Seo Hee then released pictures allegedly depicting part of the aftermath of the abuse she suffered, at least to her hand and arm.

She wrote a note on the post saying that she thinks she’s fine and not to worry.

Don’t worry. I don’t think it’s too serious. I wrapped my face with my hands so my face is fine, but my head and neck are still a bit painful. I’m strong so don’t worry about me.

While I haven’t been online as much recently, I suspect the hot takes on this have been making the rounds given that she’s pissed off many significant fandoms and is generally a shitty person. However, it’s probably best to take a step back from all that and realize domestic violence as the bigger problem here and react to that first and foremost.

As of yet, there’s been no further updates, but it’s a bit of a disturbing situation as Han Seo Hee seems content to deal with it. But if it’s true that she was choked by Jung Da Eun, she definitely needs to get out as soon as possible given the rate at which that frequently leads to escalating violence.


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