BLACKPINK fans protest in front of YGE building with billboard truck, YGE actually responds

Note that the person looking at the billboard is wearing a YGE jacket.

BLACKPINK fans recently expressed demands to YG Entertainment via a truck with a billboard in front of YGE headquarters. The billboard played a video that detailed specific requests that basically amount to wanting further activities, likely because they still have 13 (I think) songs despite debuting in 2016 and achieving massive popularity, which is remarkable.

YGE actually responded, though it was basically just acknowledgment that it existed and them actively hoping that fans go away.

Guessing fans probably don’t want to hear this kind of shit at this point and just want action.

After all, they probably haven’t forgotten about these kind of quotes.

Yang Hyun Suk also touched on plans for member Rosé and her talked-about solo release. He stated, “Rosé’s solo song will most likely be released after BLACKPINK’s EP album. We have finished selecting a song that best fits Rosé’s vocals, and both Lisa and Jisoo are also working hard to prepare for solo tracks. In 2019, my hope and goal is for BLACKPINK to have two comebacks and for the remaining three members to release solo tracks, in the order of Rosé, Lisa, and Jisoo.”


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