LOONA’s Chuu gets hair pulled by staff member, ISAC issues apology

A video of LOONA‘s Chuu getting her hair pulled by a staff member at ‘Idol Star Athletic Championship‘ went viral recently.

In fairness, it did seem to be lighter in intent than the video showed, as the group are seen laughing about it, but as fans pointed out it did seem highly unprofessional and could’ve hurt her regardless.

As a result of this spreading and trending, ISAC issued an apology.

On December 16, during the recording of “2020 Idol Star Athletics – New Year Special,” one staff member disrespectfully pulled on LOONA member Chuu’s hair while conducting an interview. We sincerely apologize to LOONA’s Chuu, other related personnel, and fans. The staff in question is largely reflecting and regretting [his actions], and he has sincerely apologized to LOONA’s Chuu. We apologize once more for causing displeasure and discomfort to many people due to the production crew’s carelessness, and we will be even more careful to prevent a situation like this from reoccurring.

Most importantly, it seems that Chuu is fine at least.

Honestly, the most disturbing part about this stuff (like with Busters’ Chaeyeon as well) is that it’s what they have to deal with when they KNOW everybody is watching their every move.


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