Mnet announces suspension of audition programs, 50 seasons of ‘Queendom’ coming

In a move that seemed somewhat inevitable, Mnet‘s
Head Of Content Management Kang Ji Hoon recently announced at the Korean Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) Conference that they would suspend the production of their audition show empire that revolved around the now-toxic ‘Produce 101‘ brand and will instead focus on music programs.

When asked if Mnet won’t be producing any more survival programs after this, Kang Ji Hoon replied, “I think it’s better to call it an audition program than a survival program, but we’re planning to avoid that kind of program and create content that focuses more on music.”

They also said that they already halted the production of the planned audition show ‘Teen Singer‘. Other than that, just a bunch of non-answers on the current messes.

As you know, I have endlessly speculated that this controversy might open the door for more ‘Queendom‘ seasons because despite it having rankings and being a competition, the stakes weren’t all that high and it served primarily as a reason for groups to interact and experiment. All in all, it was a lot of fun.

So hopefully this signals that ‘Queendom’ will be coming back. That said, because Mnet will find a way to fuck up everything, hopefully it does not come back with a more competitive format that pits idols against each other. We want more shit like ‘Invincible Youth‘, dammit.


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