‘Produce 101 Japan’ reveals final group of 11 named JO1, which I definitely read wrong at first

While all I have covered of ‘Produce 101 Japan‘ so far is the comical solo fancams, I feel obligated to let you know that they have decided on a final group. It will be called JO1, with the Japan representing Japan and 01 representing the first year of the Reiwa Era, but I’m going to read it as “JOI” anyway.

The final group is Mamehara Issei, Kawashiri Ren, Kawanishi Takumi, Ohira Shosei, Tsurubo Shion, Shiroiwa Ruki, Sato Keigo, Kimata Syoya, Kono Junki, Kinjo Sukai, and Yonashiro Sho.


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