Big Bang’s Daesung won’t be charged after investigation into illegal adult businesses in his building, but 56 others will be

Big Bang‘s Daesung found himself in hot water last year after it was revealed that illegal adult entertainment businesses were operating out of a building he owned. While he issued an apology, he claimed that he had no knowledge of that happening, which was later disputed by others.

Now though, police have decided not to charge Daesung after investigating illegal business operations in a building he owns and clearing him.

The Seoul Gangnam Police Station questioned Daesung last month as a witness and reviewed documents and testimonies obtained through the results of a search and seizure. On January 2, they concluded that Daesung is cleared of suspicion and will not be charged. During questioning, Daesung testified that he did not know that illegal activities such as prostitution were taking place in the building, and the police were unable to find any evidence for charging him. The police also questioned people about suspicions of illegal drug use and requested analysis from the National Forensic Service. The results all came back negative.

When this saga last left off last October, I basically expected something like this to be the outcome, as it did seem like he at least had plausible deniability on his side.

There’s already testimony out there publicly against Daesung’s alibi, but what the police do will likely rely on financial records and things of that nature. As such, just like with the other cases, I’d say the most trouble he’s likely to be in is for improper registration and the typical liability he’s responsible for as the building owner regardless of his level of knowledge. Or at least that’s where I’d put expectations in terms of any legal repercussions, morally is a different matter depending on whether you believe him or not.

Read it about right, so I’ll stick with that.

Of course, that’s not to say that no wrongdoing in this case occurred, as police had booked 45 in relation to this scandal, and 56 people will be forwarded to prosecution for connection to five illegal adult entertainment businesses in the building.

On January 3, the police will forward 56 people connected with five illegal adult entertainment businesses in the building to the prosecution on charges of violating the Food Sanitation Act and the Anti-Prostitution Act. The police will recommend indictment without detention to the prosecution. The police will also request administrative action from the Gangnam District Office and the local tax office about the illegal businesses.

I mean something had to be done since it was never denied that the businesses existed.


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