Ryu Sera covers Dreamcatcher’s “Deja Vu” in her own style, Mnet drops Dreamcatcher compilations

Ryu Sera escalated from finding out about Dreamcatcher to being a stan and ult’ing Dami in record time, and now she’s released a cover of “Deja Vu” with her own arrangement.

Enjoyed it.

I was wondering how she was going to deal with the rock sound since that’s not exactly geared for her voice, but she seems to have realized that as well and gave the song a nice twist, especially during the chorus and with the ad-libs.


By the way, Mnet recently uploaded video compilations of Dreamcatcher for the end of the year, highlighting their title tracks…

…then their point choreography…

…and then another apparently about the story/concept they debuted with.

They did some similar compilations for other groups, but they were exponentially more popular, so I’m hoping this is some kind of sign that Dreamcatcher are about to be on the next season of ‘Queendom‘ or something.


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