‘Do You Know Hip Hop’ is a new survival show by Mnet because they can’t resist

For a while after almost all their survival show properties were caught up in controversy, it seemed like Mnet would pivot away from that format at least for a bit. Well, turns out Mnet doesn’t give a shit and is coming back with another one.

“Do You Know Hip Hop” (literal title) will feature rappers who actively promoted from the late 1990s to the early 2000s and pioneered the hip hop genre in Korea. The contestants who once captivated fans of the hip hop genre will once again showcase their unique charms and swag that aren’t limited by their age. Produced by the staff who worked on “High School Rapper” and “Show Me the Money,” the new survival program will capture the undying enthusiasm for hip hop. With growing curiosity over the contestants, viewers have already brought up many famous rappers from the past as possible candidates. The production team shared, “Rappers who set Korean hip hop alight will be appearing on the show. Those who have been hip hop fans for a long time will get to see familiar figures participate.” The exciting new reality program will share the present whereabouts and daily lives of the now middle-aged rappers who still haven’t lost their enthusiasm for hip hop. The show will also cater to a wide range of viewers, as it’ll be nostalgic to those in their late 20s and 30s and refreshing to viewers in their teens.

I guess technically ‘Do You Know Hip Hop?‘ is not an audition program, but good lord, they just can’t resist can they?

If nothing else, I’m confident they’ll find a way to rig this no matter how meaningless the outcome.


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