BTS’s Jungkook will reportedly not be indicted for car accident

Late last year, it was surprisingly revealed that BTS member Jungkook would be forwarded to prosecution as a result of the car accident he was involved in.

Recently though, it was reported that prosecutors will not indict him in connection with that.

According to the report, the Seoul Western District Prosecutors’ Office decided not to indict Jungkook, who had been booked without detention for violation of the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Settlement of Traffic Accidents. A source from the prosecution refrained from commenting on the specific reason, saying, “We decided not to indict him after referring to the decision made by the Prosecution’s Civic Committee.” The Prosecution’s Civic Committee is set up at each prosecutor’s office and allows ordinary citizens to deliberate on cases and decide on issues with a majority vote.

Given that he admitted fault and settled with the victim, the only thing that made it seem like it could be something more was the fact that authorities insisted on continuing the case. Though perhaps they just really wanted to make a bit of a show of it or something.

Anyway, not a big deal. Now please feel free to argue about completely unrelated shit in the comments for the next two weeks.


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