Yoochun wants back in the entertainment industry because of course

In news that I assume everybody predicted, Yoochun announced at a fan meeting recently that he will try to return to the entertainment industry despite saying he would retire if it was found he used drugs.

During the fan meeting he expressed his mixed emotions of whether or not he deserved the fans’ love. “I’m hanging in there. I don’t know if I deserve all the love from you guys. Honestly, I had a really rough time personally. I will try to overcome it and try to return to the industry.”
He also wished for fans to stop supporting him in that he will work twice as hard to repay fans for their love and support. “I will try to live my hardest so you al don’t need to support me anymore. I will continue to work in the industry until I have repaid all the love I have received from my fans; I will come close to my fans first now.”

I mean, why wouldn’t they, right? They still have fans they can milk no matter what they do, and all of that bluster was just desperation to make him sound innocent.

As always, the drugs are less of a concern (and more funny) than the rape allegations and him subsequently having to pay one of the victims damages.


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