Ladies’ Code announce “hiatus” after members leave Polaris, will focus on individual activities

Yesterday it was revealed that Ladies’ Code have put their group activities on hiatus due to the members leaving their company, Polaris Entertainment.

Hello. This is Polaris Entertainment.. We inform you that Polaris Entertainment’s exclusive contract with group Ladies’ Code has ended as of February 17. Before we announce the unfortunate news, we would like to express our sadness for having to say goodbye to the members who carried out their activities passionately until the end. Moreover, we express our gratitude that can’t be expressed in words to the Ladies’ Code members who went through joys and sorrows as artists under our agency for seven years. We send our unsparing support for Ladies’ Code’s future activities, and we will look forward to and wait for the members to promote again as Ladies’ Code.

All three members also wrote handwritten letters addressing the change.

Obviously Ladies’ Code have been through about as much as any group could be subjected to and then some. While it’s effectively disbanding barring some kind of miracle (like them all signing with the same company), the fact that the group continued at all after the tragic car accident that cost the lives of two members is a testament to them. Much less that they returned with one of that year’s best.

Wish them the best in their solo careers.


Thot Leader™