Crayon Pop’s Ellin’s supposed scam victim seen throwing money at another BJ

Crayon Pop‘s scam queen Ellin is back on YouTube and AfreecaTV now, about six months after apologizing for her role in a so-called romance scam with a supporter who was giving her tens of thousands of dollars at a time for her streaming.

Shortly after that drama, it was seen he had already moved on to other BJs, repeating the same pattern, and now he’s been seen dropping thousands at a time on a new BJ called Chaeggu.

The guy is already in her Top 20 donors as he’s dropping thousands at a time.

Great news for her and I hope she gets paid out of it.

But again, while what Ellin supposedly did to him wasn’t necessarily right if it happened as he says, I simply never felt a whole lot of sympathy for the guy because I thought it was clear what he was always angling for from Ellin and at this point I kinda think it’s naive to believe he got blindsided given his repeated behavior.

I’m just saying, at some point all this is just either redistribution of a rich idiot’s wealth or women scamming a creeper (or both). Or maybe he’s just really into findom, but whatever the case is, my sympathy meter is certainly empty now.


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